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Roat Pkz - Revenant Caves PVP - 100% Pathing

REVENANT CAVES - OSRS Client - Bounty Hunter - Corporeal Beast - Jad - Premade kits - EdgePVP - Ancestral Robes - Elder Maul - Heavy Ballista - Demonic Gorillas - Israeli Friendly - Automatic Tournaments - Rigour & Augury Prayers - Competetive Hiscores -
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Monsters on Roat Pkz 

Demonic Gorillas
Corporeal Beast


Popular Pking Arenas

Fun PK
Risk Zone


Edge PVP (Brid Zone)
Duel Arena
Deep Wilderness


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 Custom and PreMade Kits!

Edge PVP! 

Resizeable mode & Veng Skull

Resizeable mode & Veng Skull


Automatic Tournaments


Pk Point Shop


Pure Pking & Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter Pking!


Home Arena!



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