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Real Players - Daily OSRS GP Tournaments - Daily Wilderness Tasks - Skilling - 1000+ Achievements - Sound Effects - Custom Wilderness Events - Gambling - Clan Cups - Custom PvP Kits

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Monsters on Roat Pkz 

Demonic Gorillas
Corporeal Beast


Popular Pking Arenas

 FunPK  Risk Zone
Fun PK
Risk Zone


Edge PVP (Brid Zone)
Duel Arena
Deep Wilderness


Introducing skilling!

Start your skilling adventure from our Home area at Edgeville!

Introducing a NEW custom skilling zone with loads of skills! 

Train woodcutting at our custom zone!

Enjoy training fishing at an all-in-one location!

Easily train Mining and Smithing at a compact area!

Step into the Wilderness and train for extra XP and money!

 More Pictures and Videos!

Custom and PreMade Kits
Custom and PreMade Kits!


Edge PVP! 

Trading Post
Unique Trading Post!

Risk Zone

Loads of awesome content! 

Automatic Tournaments

PKP Shop
Pk Point Shop

Pure Pking & Bounty Hunter

 Edgeville Ditch

Active Edgeville PKing with Bounty Hunter!


 Home Location
Home Area!

HP EventUnique HP Events!

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