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Features and Videos

5 Different XP Rates with Different Drop Rates (Including Ironman)


Loads of Minigames - Ranging from the classic Dominion Tower/Pest Control to our own custom Zombies/Warriors Guild/Dark Invasion

Fully working Co-op Slayer system with hundreds of tasks and unique rewards!

Fully working and unique Dungeoneering system!

Flawless Construction with player owned houses!

Prestige System with unique shops and rewards for each prestige!

Fully working Farming which supports every single plant!

11 Fully Working Quests!

Loading 810 Cache (Drygores, Seismics)

Unique Items including Recoloured Nex Items + Decimation

Active Playerbase (Always 20+ players online)

In-game Events every hour (Eg. Double XP at Lava Flow Mine, 4x the amount of charms dropped) and tons more!

100% Uptime!

Tons of Completionist & Trimmed Completionist Cape Requirements.

All Master Capes with particle effects!

Fully working (Player Based) Grand Exchange!

Bank Presets

Potion Timers

Team Boss Instancing

Boss Tasks

Daily Updates!

Even more endless content!

What are you waiting for?

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