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OS-SCAPE.COM: #1 OSRS RSPS - 500M+ Tournament

Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of current updates weekly, and boasting one of the

 What is OS-Scape?

World 1: Realism
World 2: Quick PVP

Providing worlds dedicated to PvP, one emulating the original, classic adventure, and one to capture the highlights of the two, OS-Scape is a streamlined, multi-world RuneScape private server constructed on a custom platform. Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of current updates weekly, and boasting one of the largest ongoing communities, OS-Scape strives to provide the leading private server experience.

Some content on the server worth highlighting:


  • Over 15 bosses + demi-bosses to take on including Demonic Gorillas, Zulrah, and Lizardman Shaman
  • Almost every agility course completed including rooftops
  • 14+ dungeons and over 20 other areas to train combat related skills
  • A handful of skills you're able to grind, if that's your thing
  • Farming with persistent timers so your crops grow even when you're offline
  • Every slayer boss with their corresponding slayer tasks
  • Economy balanced to perfection
  • And much more..




All of our worlds are designed to make the wilderness as active as possible. If you're interested in embarrassing other players by out skilling them then what're you waiting for?

All of our worlds are highly rewarding for PVMers. The only other way to obtain the best items in the game are by slaying the variety of challenging bosses who horde them.

We've focused the server around PVP which is exactly where you come in. Generate a massive cash stack while maxing your skills by supplying the PVP and PVMers with top quality supplies.

PVP Video 1:PVP Video 2:

Please select the download option that is most appropriate for your system.
If you have run a .jar-file before, you can download that and play OS-Scape easily.
If you're new to private servers in general, please try the Windows installer to play without hassle.

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