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Imagine - The #1 RSPS Customs Server

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We have been online for eleven months now, hitting over 50+ players online at all times the entire time. Within' the first week, we hit 100+ online. We are changing the face of customs servers and will continue to progress and become better over-time.
The server is still online and we can't wait to see you in-game!

Features Include:

  • Many functional mini-games, and more in the making.
  • Infinite money pouch.
  • Squeal of Fortune.
  • Custom Item Slot - Trophies! Over 50+ custom trophies that all give amazing bonuses.
  • Achievements with different difficulty.
  • Full prestige system with shop and rewards (over 100 prestiges).
  • Over 1000 customs items, many made out of scratch by developers.
  • Active Community with several guides and support.
  • Over 45 different zones, all with different drops and difficulty.
  • Fully functional Ckey & Mbox with percentage chance of rarity.
  • Clue scrolls with different difficulty and unique rewards (in the making).
  • Over 15 functional bosses, and plenty in the making - CUSTOM + OSRS + RS3 BOSSES!
  • Functional Slayer w/ Duo Slayer and worthwhile rewards.
  • Working Drop Rates w/ ranks + npc kills + row + slayer benefits.
  • CUSTOM PVP w/ custom gear of-course
  • New skill system, all skills go up to 120, with skilling rewards.
  • 3 Popular developers, all working hard, releasing updates every week.
  • 3 Quests released, many more to come.
  • Working Adventure Log w/ rewards from achieving certain npc kill counts.
  • Ancient Curses/ Ancient + Lunar Spell Book
  • A pet for each and every boss
  • Loyalty Shop w/ Loyalty points
  • Many 20+ colors of each rare hat (:: phat/::hween/::santa)
  • All custom items have less than 1000 poli, and are decently animated, giving a better gaming experience.
    Custom NPC Health Bar/ Tier System for multiple items/ Easter Eggs/ General Server Settings/ Chat Effects/ Vote/ Donation...
    there's just so much to write about, it'll be easier if you just check it out for yourself.
    see you there x)