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Imagine - #1 RSPS Customs Server -150+ Online

Player Auctions | 1000 + Customs | Iron man & Hardcore | Gambling | Tier-Based PVM and Item Sets | 10+ Minigames | 1+ Year Uptime
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Imagine has officially been online for a year now, remaining at over 100+ players online at all times; our peaks can hit as high as ~350. We are changing the face of customs servers and will continue to progress and become better over-time.
We are constantly eliminating the competition, not through malicious activity, but by providing the best custom server experience to date! Join the hundreds of others players in our community by signing up today!


Features Include:

  • Functional Slayer w/ Duo Slayer and worthwhile rewards.
  • Perfected Drop Rates System w/ ranks and group looting.
  • 151 Achievement's - 5 different difficulties/custom rewards.
  • Over 100 pets, including regular pets, custom pets, and boss pets.
  • Over 60 different PVM zones, all with different drops and difficulties.
  • Full Clue Scroll System with several difficulty levels and unique rewards.
  • Extensive Prestige System with several reward shops for skilling/combat prestige's.
  • Over 1000 customs items, with several different unique abilities and enhancements.
  • Over 20 functional bosses; this includes custom bosses, OSRS bosses, and RS3 bosses.
  • Many Custom Interfaces that make general game-play much more appealing/simplistic.
  • Active Community with hundreds of user-submitted guides and a dedicated support team.
  • Custom Item Slot - Trophies! Over 50+ custom trophies that all give armor/weapon attributes.
  • New Skilling System; Maximum levels and XP rates are much higher, with scaling skilling rewards.
  • Custom Item Tier System for weapons and armor sets, as well as having the ability to enchant your weapons/armor with customized abilities.







High Quality Custom Armours/Weapons:

High-Quality Customs



Very Intense Boss Fights!


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