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Kratos | Oldschool RS in HD and SD

Play OldSchool RS in High Detail and/or resized/fullscreen. Includes the latest items, bosses, and dungeons.
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Music system
Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite Clue Scrolls including the newest rewards from less than a month ago
Achievement diaries
Boss pets
Grand Exchange
30+ working quests
High-quality bosses including the Corporeal Beast and Cerberus
Random events
Oldschool RS OSRS) content in HD
Distractions and Diversions
Many traveling methods like gnome gliders and canoes
High-quality skilling with OSRS skilling pets
Gravestone system
Ironman game mode
Minigames like Puro Puro and the Warrior's Guild / Pest Control

Please check the screenshots below to see what we have to offer!

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