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SpawnScape 614

#1 614 RSPS || Custom Items || Dedicated Staff || Amazing PKING
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SpawnScape614 is a rapidly growing PvP / Spawn Pk server.
With perfect switching, minimal lag and an all-round great pking experience, our players love to play the game.
We're sitting on a constant playerbase of 30+ players and growing daily. Come check us out

SpawnScape Perks:

- Very active and friendly community and staff team

- Multiple forms of gambling, including Dicing and Duel Arena
- Perfect switching, good for hybridding and all-round pking
- New custom PVP items [New Max Capes and Hoods, Abbysal Tentical, etc]
- New custom areas such as [::chillzone , ::dicezone and ::tourney]
- New voting script & fully automated webstore.
- Fully working dungeoneering [Points, XP, Shop]
- New trivia system [::answer]
- New bounty system [Yells killstreaks + extra rewards]

- Hunger Games Minigame

- New Donator Benefits 

- Double PKP/XP Weekends

- RAID Items

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