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Trading Post - Ancient Wyvern - Tournaments

Wyverns - Big gambling scene - Deep wilderness activity - Newest OSRS items - OSRS Prayers - Bounty Hunter - Custom gear system
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Latest updates: Trading post & Tournaments

We are the first server to have the latest items that were released including twisted bow, ancestral robes and elder maul.

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A brief description of what we offer which others don't

  • Fully functional Wilderness Slayer
  • A great bounty hunter & EP system
  • All OSRS Bosses
  • All new OSRS weapons.
  • All new OSRS jewelry & functionality
  • El Loco Toro (The craziest boss you will ever see)
  • Fully designable custom gear system, includes banking, spellbook saving & more.
  • The best combat out there, as close as we could get to 07.
  • OSRS Target system & PK Point rewards for killing your target.
  • Extensive security panel to secure yourself from getting hacked.
  • Fully linked game account panel with the website.
Rating by voters: 4.5. This rating is based on 2886 ratings.