• First RSPS toplist since 2007
  • Unlike others, we fight vote bots
  • Blocking 100k+ vote bots/mo

Draynor - Group Iron + More bank space OUT!!!



A cozy home centered around PvM, PvP, and skilling - with a friendly community, dedicated staff team, and professional outlook.

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 Website: https://www.draynorps.com 


  • Raids - Earn a twisted bow!
  • Rev Caves - High risk, High Reward
  • Group Ironman - compete to be the best! Up to 4 members per group, with both shared and personal banks!
  • 100% Vorkath OSRS Combat mechanics
  • Fully functional Dwarf Multicannon
  • Full 69 waves Inferno game - Get your Inferno cape!
  • Full Mage Arena 2 Quest - Get your imbued god capes! (With damage multipliers)
  • Ability to save inventory + gear setups as presets
  • Mage arena 2 miniquest - earn all imbued god capes
  • Chaos altar deep wilderness - 50% chance not using bones and npc unnoting
  • Rigour, augury, preserve fully functional
  • Random events while skilling like the good old days - Tree spirit, River troll, Evil chicken, etc
  • Completionist capes - 110 prestiges and 67 achievements completed to earn this magnificient cape.
  • Iron mode and 3x slower xp mode (hardcore)
  • PvP hotspots such as Wilderness Barrows
  • Highly Competitive Highscores with all game modes
  • Drop Rate Bonuses to Achieve - ring of wealth is craftable, max+completionist capes, and hardcore mode all give boosts!
  • Double XP Weekends last week of every month. Double XP vouchers in vote store for 30 mins each as well.
  • Active IPB forums with a sleek design.
  • Lootbeams to help identify expensive drops quickly. Very nice to see them pop up!
  • Amazing staff team - very friendly and mature. We know this can make or break a server and as such we are very picky!
  • Skilling is a viable option to make some gold with plenty of rewards too!
  • Pick Cabbage for a Chance at a Cabbage Cape
  • Skilling - Cozy home full of skilling areas as well as rewarding wilderness resource area.
  • Chance of Rare Loot - Mystery Boxes, Key Chest, Clue Scrolls
  • Unique Pets such as harambe, wild krab, spooky skeleton, baby santa, and many more!
  • Lots of Point Systems
  • 21 Bosses to Battle including some in the Wilderness
  • Active & Friendly Owner - I take a lot of pride in this! I've played RSPS too for many years, and have seen it all.
  • Daily/weekly updates which are always posted in the update archives
  • Achievement System - With cash rewards and a point exchange store.
  • Drop Table for Easy Access - Search via item or npc.
  • Trivia Questions - Nice little cash boost if you can beat others to it!
  • Account Pin for Security (Optional)
  • Customizable Client

HOSTING - Dedicated Server

  • DDoS Protected
  • CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.0 GHz
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3 RAM