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Crux RSPS is a new server released in late 2016, which hosts a healthy medely of Pre-EOC and OSRS Content. We have near perfectly balanced experience rates for quick PvM but also PvP. We host 5 incredibly coded game modes, (Normal, Ultimate Ironman, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman and Extreme) which all have their own unique in-game emblem.

Our Economy has been strong from Day 1, and has flourished ever since, whether it be a drop from our fully working Zulrah, or our custom Wilderness boss Glod, the economy has maintained itself for months now.

We have dedicated staff as well as media workers, who focus on producing content to showcase the server, which you can find here, on our official YouTube channel:


We have hosted some of the biggest YouTubers' in the scene, who all gave great reviews of our server:


We also provide some of the best content in the RSPS Scene, with our own unique custom teleportation interface, custom bosses, and flawless PvP and staking, we hope some of you guys come and check us out!