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Arceuus RSPS is a new server released in 2017, which hosts a healthy medely of Pre-EOC and OSRS Content. We have near perfectly balanced experience rates for quick PvM but also PvP. We host 5 incredibly coded game modes, (Normal, UIM, HCI, IM, EXTREME)
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Hello Adventurer!

Your journey begins here! Arceuus offers a blissful experience of PVMing and smooth PKing in a great community! You can make your way way becoming the ultimate Arceuun! There's endless content waiting for you in game, alongside the hundreds of others are willing to join you in achieving the rarest and most exclusive loot! Packed with a multitude of bosses, minigames such as the duel arena, inferno, gambling, pest control, fight pits, champion's scroll and SO MUCH MORE. You are one click away from being submerged into a world of fun. Have a look at the content below and feel free to click the links above to be redirected to our website/launcher and begin today! 

We also provide some of the best content in the RSPS Scene, with our own unique custom teleportation interface, custom bosses, and flawless PvP and staking, we hope some of you guys come and check us out!


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