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Creative-Scape Remastered

CRS V3 Remastered | OSRS Content | Hours of fun

CreativeScape is a classic Old School RuneScape Private Server.  Get ready to be a part of a thrilling and unique experience that is our server.  We are dedicated to bringing you back to the amazing time that we all fell in love with.  Our objective is to give you an enjoyable and memorable experience.  We are an Old School server, but with a unique and creative twist.  Read on to find out more about our history and what you can expect from the experience that is CreativeScape.  You won’t regret it.

CreativeScape was born in April of 2008 during the greatest time in RuneScape history.  We have had quite the journey since then with versions such as CreativeScape Classic, Vexillum, CreativeScape V1 and CreativeScape V2.  CreativeScape remains to this day as one of the greatest Old School RuneScape Private Servers ever.

The community is amazing with plenty of helpful people as well as older and newer players alike.  We all like to have a good time.

There are 21 full working skills.

There are 5 unique/custom quests with some nice rewards.

Unique home which includes various shops for your skilling or combat needs.

We have a flawless combat system so you can enjoy that old school pking or pvming experience you used to love.

Clan chats are fully functioning, including ranks. There is a ::help channel that always has people willing to answer your questions.

Fully working Highscores for skills or pking so you can check and compete with your fellow players.      

Awesome staff team that is kind and always willing to help.



Server Outlook

PKing: We have pking, mainly at edge, but also fun pk.  Pking can earn you pk points which can be used at a shop which sells various pk gear.

Godwars: We have a godwars area where you can try to get the classic godswords and armor.

Fight Pits: We have the classic fight pits minigame where you can battle Jad for the illustrious fire cape.  This has 6 waves.


Skilling: There are 21 working skills, with different ways to train.  The xp rates are fast, but not too fast, so that it is enjoyable, but still a challenge.

Slayer: There are 4 different slayer masters, which includes a boss slayer master.  You can earn slayer points to use at the slayer shop by completing tasks.

Navigation: There are various commands and portals as well as a teleports tab so that it is easy to get to where you want to be.

Treasure Trails: Monsters drop clue scrolls bringing you on a journey to find your treasure, which has a wide range of all kinds of rewards.

Quests: We have 5 unique custom quests.  These quests bring you on a journey of new experiences.

Premium Benefits:  There are plenty of premium benefits to expand your creative experience.  There is also a donation shop which has some very nice items.

Voting: Voting can prove to be very rewarding with many possible rewards from the mystery boxes that you receive as well as a voting shop with some very useful items, but also some nice cosmetics.

Custom Items: There are some awesome custom items such as “The Sickness”, a unique crossbow dropped by the Pestilence boss.  Its special attack poisons your enemies and deals major damage. There’s also the amazing ‘Dragon Sabre’ which has a healing effect; it is dropped by the Pirate boss.