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DR - Tons of new content! OSRS; Ach diaries!

Master Clues | OSRS | Rooftop agility | Player Owned Shops | Iron man | All OSRS Bosses | Rooftop agility and more!
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Welcome to Divine-Reality's advertisment thread. 






Used to play Divine-reality/supernal? We are now offering reimbursements for ex-donators/supporters! Be sure to utilise this!


If you're wondering, yes this is the Original Divine-reality server ran by Tim and it's back! So make sure you return and check us out.


Read this post for more information on the above ^




Nightmare zone system
NPC Kill Trackers
NPC Drop table interface
Title system; show off your progression
Achievement Diary system with rewards
Unique Prestige System
Random Daily perks (Extra exp, double points, increased drop-rates and more).
Preset System
Amazing Combat System.
Fully functional Godwars dungeon with God items effects.
Ground item value text, customizable colour & notifications!
Active and friendly Help clanchat for all players.
Timers for combat, skills and other useful visual changes.
Shift click drop
Fullscreen, resizable and fixed modes available!
21 Fully functioning Skills.
Rewarding Slayer system with plenty of incentives.
Zeah catacombs
Tons of OSRS Bosses (Zulrah, Sire, Fanatic, Archeaologist and more).
Recipe for disaster minigame
Puro-puro Hunter
Crafting guild, Skilling area
Rooftop Agility
Woodcutting Guild
Rune Pouch
Looting Bag
All OSRS BH items
Raids Minigame
Bounty Hunter System
Herb Sack
Gem Sack


Player Owned Shops:

Master Clues

Rooftop agility

Unique Website & SQL Features 

Ease of use teleport interface

OSRS Interfaces

OSRS Bosses

Godwars Dungeon + Instances

NPC Group Respawns

Amazing Combat System

0 Unexpected Downtime, reliable and trustworthy providers used.

24-7 Uptime ALWAYS on.

Tons of incentives and benefits to playing



If you're interested in playing and want to check us out visit





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