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718 Server|Clan systems|120 Capes|Noxious, tetsu, and more|Custom Bosses|Dicing|More..
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ClassifiedPk ! Glad New Economy Server! We are a glad new Server who needs fresh new players ! Also offering staff positions ! Our Homepage: Features: Bosses: We have alot off great costum bosses! Nex & corp is sure added! Skills: All 24 skills working ! Different Game modes added Soon ! Economy: We're an great Economy server! Let the adventure begin! Info about Server: Costum Minigame added ! Costum Bosses added ! Costum pvp areas ! All 120 capes added Ingame ! All skills full working ! Every skill to 200m experience ! Great Pvming Server ! Great Pking ! Great staff community ! 4 donator ranks ! Added Dicing Interface ! 55x2 game Good drop rates ! Obelisk added who can shows Shops, Teleports , Fill pray & Even restore ur Spec ! Let the adventure begin!



Reaper Boss

Donor Zone


Sea Troll Queen


Tetsu Armour

Blood Weapons

Seismic And Rares

Tetsu , Sirenic and Tectonic Armour!

All Master Capes !

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