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Abyssal-Scape | Triple Vote week | Free MBOX!

Lots of players - Reg. Ironman Mode - Active gambling - Perfect-eco & skilling - Shooting stars, achievements, boss pets, fully working summoning and high quality coded server.
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Welcome to Abyssal-Scape. A fairly-new and exceptionally fast growing 317 RSPS
with upgraded graphics & lots of new features. Abyssal-Scape offers a large fan
of activity to the community and makes sure that you'll never be able to log off again.
We aim to provide the best and most genuine OSRS-experience, with experienced developers,
great staff, honorable and a helpful community. We are constantly updating and improving
the landscape of Abyssal-scape - and your voice will be heard!

The people behind Abyssal-Scape thank you for your votings and support on our server. 

Viva la Abyssal-Scape!





- Nex armor
- Corporeal Beast + shields
- All OSRS items added
- Prestige System with added rewards
- Perfect Economy
- Working PVP + Point System
- Achievements Diaries + Quests
- 24/7 Support added
- Regular Ironman + Ultimate
- +15 Boss Pets
- Fully working summoning
- Player Owned Stores
- Dicing + Duel Arena works flawless
- Stable and reliable dedicated virtual RSPS
- Zulrah & Blowpipe
- Fully working soulsplit & turmoil
- Fully working dungeoneering
- Donator benefits
- Money Pouch with unlimited storage
- Dwarf Cannon
- Customizable Client

.... & much much more to explore!


Fully working GWD. All bosses

Flawless Duel Arena 

Flawless dungeoneering w. chaotic weapons

Flawless summoning w. attacking familiar

Customized zones for regular players + donators


Player Owned Shops

Flawless Dragon Claws animation w. realistic hits



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