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XScape, Redefining custom servers.
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XScape is a small community private server who aims to cater to the desires of our players. If you happen to enjoy herblore but wish the skill had a deeper, more challenging, and more realistic feel you might enjoy our E-Herblore system, Enhanced herblore allows you to research and discover hundreds of ingredients with thousands of potential effects, Enjoy magic but wish there was more diversity in the types of magic available? Introducing E-Magic, E-Magic introduces several new types of magic including ritual spells, Discover Spells, Burn Herbs, Make Sacrifices, and stand back as incredibly powerful magic takes its course! Love the concept of player owned housing but kinda disappointed because you are forced to use pre-built rooms and only a small number of objects? E-Construction! Decorate your house as you see fit! Take any object or tile from anywhere in the game and use it to decorate your house! You can even change the walls!

Enjoy a more vanilla experience? No Problem! If it's skills you are worried about don't! We only build on top of preexisting skills creating new and interesting systems adding ingredients and recipes etc! If you are worried about the combat experience we keep all custom content separate through the use of instancing. Bosses and the economy maintain balance because gold is only valued in vanilla player and bosses have rising difficulty modes with scaling rewards.

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