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Rapidpk | Pre-EOC Pking Server!

Rapidpk is a pre-eoc pking RSPS. It is founded by Jayson and Dorfism. Has an awesome combat system with some economy aspects. Join now!
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RapidPK will be designed to provide the most convenient PK environment, through a simple and engaging game structure,
we hope to provide players an ideal private server for PKing. The server will entirely be based inside the wilderness,
the clan wars lobby area will be the "home" area. This server will not feature any skilling, players will have to fight against
each other to earn better items. Rapid PK will feature safe and dangerous zones to suit both types of players.
Clans will be a huge factor of the server, we will take the extra step to ensure it is highly promoted and used within RapidPK.

RapidPK was hosted in the past by WE THE BEST and some other owners. I've been in the Custom Server market for almost a year now and I've always wanted to open up a PK server. I cannot get ahold of the old owners to get permission to use the name so I'm going to go ahead and use it. I will be giving credits to anyone/everyone who worked on this server. We are currently working on changing things around for example it will be harder to get some items such as Dragon claws etc, no longer in the random drop system. This makes people actually boss. Removing out Barrows out of starter and making it a common drop. We just make this server more than what it was already. We changed the names of PVP Ranks

Here's a list of the PVP Ranks

- Beginner
- Noob
- Newbie
- Junior Pker
- Pker
- Senior Pker
- Junior Killer
- Killer
- Senior Killer
- Junior Hunter
- Hunter
- Senior hunter
- Junior Serjeant
- Serjeant
- Senior Serjeant
- Junior Captain
- Captain
- Senior Captain
- Junior Commander
- Commander
- Senior Commander
- War Chief
- Reaper
- Lord
- Overlord

Meanwhile join the discussion forums: no website links in project threads
[COLOR="#FF0000"]Founder:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]Jayson[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FF0000"]Co-Owner:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]Dorfism[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FF0000"]Game-Developer:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]Looking[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FF0000"]Web-Developer:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]sean kiesler[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FF0000"]Media Manager:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]Vernal[/COLOR]
[QUOTE]- Random PVP Loots: The main source of income, players gain 3 random loots every time they kill an enemy. Players may gain common - very rare items, the loots are based upon luck.
- PVP Rating System: Players placed in divisions based on their PVP Rating, players gain 1% of the opponents PVP Rating if they kill the enemy and they lose 1% of their own rating if they die.
- Staff Online Interface: An interface that allows players to view the full staff life/their status and request for help if in need.
- Player Profiler: An interface that allows players to search other players' PVP stats such as Kills/Deaths/KDR/etc.
- Vengeance/Freeze Timers
- Optimized Clan System: Allow players to display their Clan Name and Rank
- Preset Bank
- PK Skill: Added, still deciding what to do with it.
- Select combat level through skill tab.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]- Nerfing down Magic
- BETA testing
- Fix issues
- Finish Forums[/QUOTE]
[SPOILER=RapidPk Media][IMG][/IMG]

Copy and Paste the link below to show us your support, please remember to type the [COLOR="#FF0000"]L [/COLOR]in [COLOR="#FF0000"]URL [/COLOR]and [COLOR="#FF0000"]G [/COLOR]in [COLOR="#FF0000"]IMG.[/CENTER][/COLOR]


RapidPK - For designing the thread
Swiffy - Base (Ruse)
Luis - For hosting Rapid PK in the past
Sky - Client/Server Updates
Jilic-Matt - Client/Server Updates
3clipse - Client/Sever Updates
Lare96 - Client/Server Updates
Hacker - Client Updates
Ben__DZN - GFX Work
RSWiki - Subs GIF[/CENTER]

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