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World of Rune - Amestris Rebirth

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World of Rune
Project Title: Junebug


Special Thanks



Exploits, Bugs, and Dupes

  • Fixed Objectmanager Causing Lag
  • Fixed the Ability to Woodcut and Fletch at Once
  • Fixed the Ability to Fletch and Firemake at Once
  • Fixed MASSIVE Ruby Bolts Exploit
  • Fixed Mobs not Appearing
  • Fixed Barrows not Hitting
  • Removed All Anti-Leeches


  • Added All Rocks Mine-able in the World
  • Added All F2P and Non F2P Fishing Spots
  • Improved Implings for Hunting
  • Added Hunter Client and Server Sided
  • Fixed Enchanting of Bolts
  • Superheat now gives Magic Exp

Unique Content

  • Added Quest-Log Tab
  • Added New Player Panel
  • Added Quest Progress from red-yellow-green
  • Added Quest Points System
  • Added Skill-Havens for Open World Skilling
  • Added More Pets
  • Added Trials of Reality
  • Added World Shops

3 Tier Account Security

Tier One
Added 2 Minute Auto-Save for Roll-Back Prevention
Tier Two
Added Backup Saves in-case Main-Save Corruption Etc.
Tier Three
Added One Hour Individual Account Saves In-case Backup and Mainsave Issues

Click 2 Skill System
When you click any skills in the Skills Tab you can access the Click 2 Skill Menu.
This means whatever skill you want to train, just click on it in the skills tab!
Certain skills have Premium Click 2 Skill Zones.
In these Premium zones you can train skills easier, train the skills in a custom way,
and even discover new locations.


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