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GrinderScape OSRS - Since 2008

Most Perfect Combat | Challenging Bosses | Blood Money | Boss Pets | Perfect Duel Staking | Boss Contracts | 50+ Titles | Lottery | Fun Pk | Warriors Guild | HQ Content

GrinderScape is the longest active server, over 7 years online offering very high quality content to players, expect to see many unique content available only here at GrinderScape, because we know what we are doing!

We have recently re-launched in June 2018! This means that the server economy is completely fresh, everyone is equal with stats, combat levels, and much more. In addition, we have also added a new website design with new forums. Hope you enjoy it :)

The Best of GrinderScape OSRS

A funny moment before you join

Active Home

Fresh & active balanced economy!
OSRS Trading is Allowed with middlemen!

Perfect environment for skillers

Every single skill on game works perfectly!

Combat System

Our combat system was created from scratch in a project that took several months.
We do our best effort to offer the most flawless combat experience that you will ever find.

Fun PK Zone

We have a very sophisticated safe fun pk zone.
Train and test your weapons against other players without the risk of losing your items.

Experiments Training Zone

Experiments training area with a starter shop. Level up for cash rewards!

Bank System

Our bank system is the most advanced, dynamic and smooth that you will ever see!
You can destroy items, resize both ways and even take a screenshot to make others jealous!

Over 25 bosses

Every boss has a unique item drop! Challenge all the hard bosses for great rewards and entertainment!


In-Game Drops Table

The one and only drops interface that actually shows the real item drop chance!

Looting Bag

Delay that banking time with the looting bag!

Rune Pouch

You may save up some inventory space by taking a filled up rune pouch with you!

Boss Contracts

A boss contracts challenges you to slay a random boss within a limited time for great rewards!


Timers will indicate exactly when a buff will wear off!

Password Changer In-game

Keeps your account safe!

NPC Kills tracker

Track all of your bosses kills and fastest kill time!

Game Titles

Over 150 available titles to show out your achievements!

Item Customizer

As many other items that can be customized as you wish, masters skill capes are one of them!

Clue Scrolls & Crystal Chest

Our Treasure Trial system is huge we have over 150 tasks available with hundred of unique rewards!
The tasks includes Cryptics, Puzzles, Dancing, Scans and more!

Updates Notifications

With our notification system you will not miss a thing!

Key Binding

Configure your key actions exactly as you want!

Game Tasks

We have over 33 tasks available!


We offer a very secure and fun way to bet with others!

Items Kept On Death

Items kept on death are based on actual prices of the game!

Price checker

In-game based item prices works well with the price checker which is updated weekly!


Slay monsters in hundreds of different assignments for awesome rewards!

Boss Pets

Slay bosses and get many available cute boss pets!

Quick Teleporting

Quick teleport accessible through the magic spell book free of charge from any runes requirements!

Duel Arena

We offer the most flawless Duel Arena experience, with no PID and very good anti-scamming systems.

Warriors Guild

Claim your untradeable defenders only from the Warriors Guild minigame.

Game Stores

We have a lot of interesting stores, take a look!

What are you waiting for?