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DiscoScape - BETA LAUNCH [Hiring Staff]

Full Beta Launch! Looking for active staff and beta testers.
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Proud to present, DiscoScape in it's first stages of full launch! We will be releasing the BETA for no longer than 30 days; or not to exceed October 1st.
During Beta, accounts status will not be kept after October 1st. However, an undecided XP and Starter Bonus will be provided for those who participate in the beta.

[b]Things to expect:[/b]

[i]1. Higher xp rates for both combat and skilling
2. Small, not yet found bugs/Glitches 
3. Community events 
4. Rewards for informative feedback
Any other major expectations will be added as time goes.[/i]

[b]Staff opportunity [/b]

During our beta, we will be deciding major and minor staff roles. To fit our servers needs, there will be assigned dedicated staff for in-game gaming help as well as in-game technical problems. 
The following positions are available;

*Co-Owner [b]Duties: Manage all responsibility of the server while the owner is away. [/b]

*Moderators [b]Duties: Over see server; make sure players are not abusing glitches, or breaking rules. Provide help. 
*Community Manager [b]Duties: Manage the in-game gaming help staff. Answer any questions a player may have. Schedule and plan Community Events.[/b]

*In-game Helpers [b]Duties: Answer any questions players may have. Be active in help chats, and aware of anyone needing help. 

If any of these positions interest you please visit our staff page for steps to applying! Found here

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