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Maplescape Barrows pets, Overkill mode, Custom content, Raid bosses, Ironman mode

  We are happy to announce the Launch of MapleScape! The server is now live and has many features and multiple game modes for you to enjoy. Whether you're an avid skiller or a dedicated PvP player, we have something for you! Come enjoy our many bosses, minigames, staff & player hosted events! We strive to bring the best overall server style to that will please all types of players! We have many bosses including some exclusive to MapleScape!  Along with custom bosses we have custom items, some just for laughs and some to boost your damage or help you tank that hard to beat boss! Content suggestions are taken very seriously and anyone could decide the future updates of MapleScape. Stop in and see what you're missing!



New twist on some old gears!

Loot the barrows chest or kill the brothers on top of the mounds, just like your favorite server when you were young!

Level up your skills and prestige them for points and ingame perks!

Unlock the new prayers to increase your ranged and magic damage!

Get our barrows and many other pets available through any type of gameplay!

[img]https://gyazo.com/ba454f4944f21d5b21df8eb0444560c4.png" alt="" />

Working Olm pet!

Custom Barrows pets!


Sweet Custom Items!

Working Zeah Catacombs!



All skills working!