Custom bosses - Emps-Wars - Ironman - Challenging XP rates - Farming/Hunter - Pets - and More!

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Emps-Remake is a runescape private server designed to provide a challenging but fun experience to its players. If you are looking for a server you can get 99s in a day on, this is the wrong server for you. If you are looking for a fun, stable, unique server, and challenging server you have found the right place.

  • Extremely stable - no lag
  • Hosted on a DDoS protected server - online 24/7
  • Global stair and door handlers. Ever seen a RSPS where you can use every single door and stair in our available areas?
  • A large and friendly player community
  • Stable economy
  • Challenging experience rate - not too fast or too slow
  • Battle in the wilderness with hundreds of players
  • Explore our world which spans several RuneScape towns and dungeons
  • Challenge many bosses and obtain rewards - GWD as the ultimate challenge
  • Several minigames, including duel arena, barrows, fight caves, custom castle wars and pest control!
  • Tons of bossing available including Zulrah, Godwars, Tekton, wilderness bosses and more!
  • Fullscreen and fixed screen client, resizable while playing
  • Working highscores on our website
  • All skills are fully working
  • and even more!!..

Custom Castle Wars! Emps-wars!
Fully working Skill and boss pets! Bosses!
Custom items!
Custom items!
Hunter! Hunter!
Join us now!