Ely | 718 w OSRS | Weekly Updates & MORE

Offering players all the 718 content with a touch featuring the best OSRS content such as Cerberus, Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave & more! Also - Presets, Instances, Duo Slayer, & more!

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Graetoriax The Unbroken! Click here to see now!

Features List:


Minigames:All SkillsPerfected Content
Battle RoyalePerfect SkillingTons of Pets
Zombie WavesPerfect CombatTons of Bosses
Duel ArenaGrand ExchangeSafe Gambling
Pest ControlGlobal EventsGear & Inventory Presets
Castle WarsChoose XP RateWeekend Events
Dominion TowerAll Ironman ModesBank Placeholders
Monster Carnage150+ AchievementsQuests
Fight CavesDrop TablesAccount Linking