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- Bosses - -Barrelchest -Dagg Kings -KBD -Giant Mole -Kq -All Godwars -Corp -Dagannoth Mother -Kraken -Zulrah -Cerberus -Abyssal Sire -Demonic Gorillas -Lizardman Shaman -Raids (in progress) - Skilling - -RC -Hunter -Agility, including 5 rooftop courses -Herbelore -Thieving -Crfting -Fletching -Slayer -Mining -Smithing -Fishing -Firemaking -Farming -Woodcutting - Minigames - -Warriors Guild -PC -Fight Caves -Barrows -Clan Wars -Shayzien Assault -Mage Arena -Duel arena (up to date OSRS interfaces) -Inferno (almost complete) - Gambling - -Dicing -Fully working mithril seeds