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[Alacrity614] - The Best 614 Experience

Summoning | SKilling | PVM | Hybridding | Dedicated Management | Bank Tabs | Weekly Updates | Great Economy | Dicing w/ Flower Poke | Active Community | Wilderness Bosses | Clan Events


Alacrity's concept is primary based on keeping a 614 how it is meant to be without all these fancy oldschool runescape items. Our staff team consists of players very dedicated to the 614 revision and that enables us the possibility to create our own perfect 614 Pk server. We have added several of our own twists to keep Alacrity unique and one of the best among the 614 revision.


NPC Combat

These days you don't really see many 614 revisions with actual working NPC combat. Alacrity has its own fully working NPC combat which includes drop, mechanics, npc messages, proper animations and random movement. It also supports the use of all special attacks.

Wilderness Boss

Here on Alacrity we've been working day and night to come up with the perfect wilderness boss concept to have players grind for better items. The boss has several different attacks which can easily hurt you if you're new to the mechanics or you do not pay attention to what his next move is.

PvP Emulation

We have tried our best to perfectly re-create the pvp emulation back in 2010/2011. This includes delays, ticks, switching, projectile speed, freeze time, damage formulas and so on.



  • Bounty Hunter Target System w/ EP System
  • Clan Chat w/ Ranks & Kicking
  • Custom Clan System w/ Clan Bank & Clan XP
  • Killstreak System
  • Shift + Middle Mouse button Zooming
  • Mouse Wheel Camera movement
  • Customisable F-Keys
  • Flawless Combat w/ Flawless Switching
  • Summoning w/ Boss Pets
  • Presets w/ Customisable Presets
  • Makeover Mage
  • Customisable Titles w/ PVP Tiltes & Preset Titles
  • Wilderness Bosses w/ Revenants
  • & More


& More Content at http://alacrity614.com