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Vorkath Inferno Ironman Perfect Combat System-Amazing Economy-Unique Slayer with Slayer Boss Unlocks -Duel Arena Point Shop -Two Feature Packed Donator Zones-Gambling Area with Working Mithril Seeds-Unique Training and Skilling Areas -Much More to Come

Why Choose Traya?

Allow me to get straight to the point... Traya is brand new, only has been online for 10 days now. You most likely will be reading many of these pages today, all with a similar schpeel about "how our server is different and better than all others, blah, blah."

Myself and a co-developer have worked on RSPS's for over 7 years now. We are very familiar with wants and needs of the community and have poured countless hours into making Traya what YOU want. All updates and changes we make to the game are based on what you, the players, vote for. Another part of the People part of it, is that we will not allow a toxic community, like some bigger servers have had in the past. All other features that you're looking for (Bosses, minigames, skilling, etc.) will be posted below, we hope to see you in Traya soon!


• 20+ Bosses, 7 of which are Slayer Only!

  • Inferno
  • Vorkath
  • Flawless Ironman Mode

• Perfect combat, re-written from the ground up

• Boss Point Shop

• Duel Arena Achievement Shop

• Two huge, Feature Packed Donator Areas

• Perfect Skilling for Money Making with Unique Skilling Areas

• Custom Slayer Cave and other Unique Training Areas

• NPC Drop Logs Table i.e. (::drop abyssal demon)

• Drop log and NPC Kills Log interfaces

• 100% Working Highscores, in-game and on forums

• Recipe for Disaster Quest

• Perfect WildyWyrm event every 30 minutes in wild

• Elder Maul, Kodai, DWH, Dragon hunter Xbow, Abyssal dagger & bludgeon, more!

• Working Shooting Star with Stardust shop

• Bonus Features Every Day of the Week: Double xp, pc points, vote points, etc.

• Loyalty Points used to purchase in-game Loyalty Ranks

• Blood Chest with great loot chances

• 100% Working Lottery, Dicing, and Mithril Seeds in the Gambpng Area

• Dozens and Dozens of working Clue Scrolls

• All Runecrafting Altars working 100%

• Very Dedicated Staff members

• Updates made to the game daily

• SO much more and even more to come soon!

Come join us today! PLAY