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MagePS - Season 2 is out - Win $8000+

Find out how we took over the Custom Server scene and give us a try, with over 100+ Players online at all times. Try now!

Come play at https://mageps.com/ 

Join our forums at https://mageps.com/forums

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100+ Players Online | Fully F2P Grind $60 Donation FREE | Weekly Updates | Gambling Tournaments | Goku World Boss | Vegeta | 30+ Custom Maps | Unique Interfaces | 25+ Grindable Zones | Ice Dragon + Blood Queen | White Walkers | Star Wars | Tower of Horror | Daily Drop Parties | Amazing Group Ironman Content | Custom Skilling


Daily drop parties with lots of goodies with over 100+ online EVERY DAY!


Amazing Zone system, where if you finish 5 you get $10 Free Donation Rank + Points, 10 you get $20, and for 15 you get $30. Get rewarded to play and progress as much as you want, the path you take is yours!

Zone system

Amazing Custom maps and NPC's to Kill 

sponsor zone

 Ice Dragon and Blood Queen Bosses and Map, Both custom made!

ice dragon

blood queen

The armor set you can get + Blood staff! 

 armor set

White walkers and summoning circle to summon the boss!

white walker

 summon circle

 Our Easter event which ended, but we always have events to make our players happy! 

Easter event

 Our lance and hellfire mini-game, get a Free OP weapon and armor at the start for just grinding! Fully F2P!


We Have Gamble Tournaments which happen every 8 hours and pay out nicely 

Gamble tournaments

 Feel like taking a break? Then go Fishing or Mining for some extra cash while afk

Afk Fishing

Do you like to login everyday? Then do you want to earn some amazing rewards for logging in? Then you will love our attendance tracker.

login rewards

Do you have a friend? Do you want to do group iron man, then compete with up to 4 people per group each month for an insane $100+ Reward per person!!!!

group iron man

You can also get your own personal boss tasks, kill 500 of them and get a bounty scroll, a chance of an item from the rare drop table of the boss, so if you go dry you won't feel bad

boss tasks

 Darth vader bounty scroll

 Since you can get donations for free we also give rewards for reaching donation ranks, as an extra incentive to grind!

donation tiers

 Come check out our amazing website to play Mage we will be waiting for you 

Click here to play Mage 

 MagePS Website

Click here to play Mage