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Mageps.com - Mage Refresh LIVE ::welcomeback

Mage is trying to be your most memorable RSPS/Game. After the Refresh there is no other RSPS with content similar to ours. Enjoy passionate game design, and an experience like no other. A True Custom Adventure from start to finish.

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100+ Players always online |

DragonballZ Raids and Content including Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Goku Black, Cell, Frieza, and Gogeta |

Battlepass Season 4 with Naruto as a reward |

Winter Event |

Unique skilling going from 99-135 |

99-135 Slayer and Prayer Added with Refresh |

Achievements and Relic system added with Refresh |

Constantly Updated |

Amazing Staff and Community |

Everything is fully F2P and can easily obtain up to $300 Donation rank and $1000+ in Donation stuff for free for completeing Zones |

Made with love for a good game not money |

We Have been online for over 2 years now

Join now and new and old players can use CODE ::welcomeback

99-135 slayer System


MagePS Relic System

New Achievements


Mage Style Reworked


Cool Raid Rewards and Raids

Naurto - Season 4 Battlepass

Amazing Vote Rewards - Vote FOR PEPE! 

Explore The underwater Depths of Mage to find the strongest challenges 

Everything is Custom Made and branded with of course Mage! 


 Come check out our amazing website to play Mage we will be waiting for you 

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