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830/but has oldschool combat

ChicaScape is a 830 revision complete with all the modern day rs3 graphics, gear, sounds, Arraxor and all the other bosses and complete joy for your self to step out of the regular grind.

kind regards, chica
hope to see you there
ChicaScape is a RSPS that is built on the idea to be different, but to the extent of maintaining real RuneScape aspects. The main idea of the server is to have play-ability, interactivity, and tons of content. This server wants to keep aspects of the ChicaScape times but still maintaining RuneScape, making this a blend of medieval and emperor times. The logic of this server is to make YOU a 'ChicaScaper' not some 'Player'. We found this a more formal way of talk and found this to be quite descriptive of YOU. Our interactivity will be to produce content that will come from the unexpected, and something that is fun and doesn't always have to follow the pattern of "get on a server, get 99s, and PK!" We found this to be quite repetitive, and wished to annihilate that from our server. All-in-all, this server is circulated by YOU and not by the concept of "the world is just turning around." In 11 words: The collaboration of ChicaScape while keeping the main idea of RuneScape.
Features  - Made NPC familiars pointing at you after they've finished following you. - Added NPC Death Animations. Doesnt always show up - Added Block animations for players and NPCs. - Made the admin rights easier to obtain  save. - Made some changes which makes the game a little smoother  removed useless scripts. - Cleaned some of the bits in the script itself out. - Removed the idle kick which made you get kicked every 2-3 minutes while being active. - Better saving of playerfiles.