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chaotic weapon - pvm - pking - skills and more -chaotic weapon - pvm - pking - skills and more - chaotic weapon - pvm - pking - skills and more

SimplePK got chaotic weapon and arm.. - pvp weapon and arm.. to remenber those days when dungeoneering skill release... summoning skill... a lot of mosnter and bosses slayer and more.. for dungeoneering just buy a ring click it will tele you there bank everything but ring and click hallowin rock.. clip down ladder click (chalice of eternity) and chose your combat style... some floor you need kill monster for 4  color different keys.. and just click (pillar of life) or (any door) and kill the boss..some floor u will need to just to kill few mosnter to get to the boss...u will get dungpoint each floor u finish... there are 9 floor on total Good luck getting chaotic weapon and armor have fun pking at edgeville...