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Brand New 876 Server-Active Eco Based-ALL SKILLS-Max Capes-50 Bosses-5 DZ-Achievements&Tasks-Full Div&Const-IM&HCIM-Gambling-Huge Discord-Legacy and 98% Flawless EoC-10 Minigames-24/7Uptime-No Lag-TH-Vote Store-Pets-Loyalty System-Auto Donation

Brand New 876 Server - Active Eco Based - ALL SKILLS - Max Capes - 50 Bosses - 8 Donator Ranks and 5 DZ - Achievements Tasks - Full Div - Full Construction - Iron - HC Iron - Gambling - Huge Discord - Legacy and 98% Flawless EoC Abilities - 10 Minigames - 24/7 uptime - No Laaagggg - Treasure Hunter - Vote Store - Player Pets - Loyalty System - Auto Donation - Find the rest out on your own. There is so much here waiting for you.



Hello everyone! For all of you that do not know me, my name is Ryan. For years, my friends and I have always wanted a RS where we did not have to spend years and years no-lifing just to get close to the best. Therefore, I have created and present to you El Rey RSPS. A place where you can be the best!

El Rey RSPS is a private server that is entirely free with no restrictions on your account. We have enhanced experience rates so it does not take an hour or more just to get to level 40. If you wish, you may take that long as well... El Rey RSPS is an 876 revision Economy and PvP. 

I believe in open source products and will be offering everyone and anyone to play for free without restrictions all the way to 200M experience. If you like you may donate or pay for items, but you do not need to at all. This will be hosted for the next couple years. Play how you like, skill what you need to, and kill if you can. 

We here are not perfect, and there may be bugs or glitches. Bear with us as we progress our game together and improve it for our players. Why? Because we like to play it too! And you will see us taking on Nex or even Vorago. I promise, to the best of our ability, we will be here to help, support and provide for the El Rey RSPS Community. I look forward to the first year of hosting for you all. 


El Rey 876