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World of Rune

A New Unique Grind Server.

World of Rune



Dr Cuddles

Key Features

-10x Skill EXP Rate

-20x Combat EXP Rate

-Questing System

-Ironman and Ultimate Ironman

-67 Achievements

-10+ Bosses

-5+ Minigames

-Custom Player Panel

-Custom Skill Random Events


World of Rune is a brand new Grind Server. We have 10x EXP Rates for all skills to provide a server experience that lasts. All Combat Skills are at 20x EXP Rates for players who are more interested in PVM. With this balance we have a linear grindy experience that will keep you invested, and full of content for weeks. World of Rune also offers a Custom Quest Experience, 67 Achievements, Anywhere Slayer, and a Custom Player Panel. Did we mention we have a Custom PVP Based Skill called Conquest? WoR is surely to be your new rsps of choice, and we welcome you to our community with open arms.

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