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Invictus RSPS

Invictus RSPS Will Be Opening Soon, we are currently Bringing people to our website & Discord for when Beta Launches

» Chamber Of Xeric's & Theatre Of Blood Both Working
» 25 skills, including Hunter, Construction, Summoning and Dungeoneering.
» More than 15 active minigames, including Inferno, Soul Wars, Clan Wars and Castle Wars.
» More than 25 bosses with special mechanics and unique drops.
» More than 200 challenging achievements.
» Advanced Slayer system with Regular, Elite and Duo tasks. 
» Master skillcapes with special perks for players who have reached maximum experience in a skill.
» Shooting stars.
» Evil trees.
» Full clanchat system with ranks.
» Grand Exchange
» Gambling (Flower poker, dicing and lottery).
» Duel arena staking.
» Full magic spells, including miasmics.
» Full curses with proper effects.
» Leaderboards Coming