7 GameModes | 8 Minigames | 45 Bosses | Duo Ironman | Custom Interfaces | 150 Achievements | OSRS Items + RS3 Items

[CENTER][B][COLOR="#00FF00"][SIZE=5]Singularis-PS, A community driven server.

[B][COLOR="#ffffff"]RELEASE DATE :[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR="#00FF00"]May 25, 2017[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Welcome to Singularis-PS we are a brand new OSRS based server almost ready for release. We have an amazing development team that has been working on this project for the better part of a year.

Over the past few months the development team has spent countless hours attempting to make this unique, and the last couple of months we finally feel that we are ready to set a release date and release the Singularis adventure to old and new friends. More specific information about the project can be found below.

In Singularis-PS you will find everything you ever looked for in private servers.
We currently have over 30 bosses with new ones constantly being added, with a pet to go along with each one.
With our wide selection of NPC's and having 24 fully functioning skills with a point based system for rewards, we can guarantee an unlimited number of hours of playtime.
Our exp rates are reasonable so you won't spend months grinding out skills, but it also provides a challenge to those who enjoy the grind ;). We Also have an extreme mode with a drastically lowered xp rate for the more advanced skillers.

We have achievements to complete, completionist cape, veteran cape, and maxes capes with a fully functional prestige system.

Compete with your friends on the highscores to become best skiller, or fight players in the wilderness or in our PK events to become known as the best PKer.

What are you still waiting for! Join us today!

[B][COLOR="#00FF00"]Clue Scrolls
30+ Challenging bosses (New Bosses Are constantly Added)
100+ Achievements and Tier-Based Store
24 Perfectly Working Skills
Skill Masterery Capes
OSRS based with some new school items
Most Current OSRS Items and Some Customs
6 different game modes
Full Screen, Resizable, Fixed Client With HD Textures
Dungeneering With Correct Maps Floors and Adjustable Complexity
Max, Veteran, and Completionist Capes
Comp Cape Customizer
8+ Minigames
Balanced Economy With Non-P2W Donar Store
Perfect Pk System
Trivia System With Constantly Changing Questions
Customizable Yell Titles
100% Grandexchange and Player Owned Shops
Loyalty Program With Great Rewards
Multiple Skilling Areas For Most Skills
Ingame and Website Highscores and Scoreboards
Well Of Goodwill and Well Of Wealth
Quick Prayers and Quick Curses Presets
Price Checker And Drop Guide Monster Checker
Unlimited Money Pouch and Custom Currencies
Weekly Lottery and Events

[B][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]To be Completed:-[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR="#FFFF00"]Full Construction
New Player Owned Shops System

[B][COLOR="#00FF00"]Tons Of Content To Be Continued![/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]What stands out about this project is our primary goal is not to make money from this. Coming from a long line of RSPS's that have shut down for various reasons, owner inactivity being a big one, we decided to do what we had seen so many others fail at. Not only have we removed the P2W aspect almost 100% by keeping top tier items out of the shop, but every single donation we get 100% gets put back into the server. No profit has or will be taken at any point during the duration of this. Our goal is to create something great that everyone can have fun in and at the end of the day just enjoy it.[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Here are some images with more to be added.[/COLOR][/B]



GrandMaster Achievements

Boss Point Store

Player Owned Shops

Starter Interface

Players Online

Skill Point Store

Skill Point Store 2

PkBox Level 100 Wilderness

Staff Online Tab

Skill Guides For Every Skill

Player Profile

Tons Of Helpful Commands

Trivia Store

Trivia Store 2

Teleport Interface

Fully Working Zulrah

Skill Ticket Store

Player Panel

Drop Log

Tons Of Customizable Options

Drop Table Checker For All NPC's


Kill Tracker

[B][SIZE=4][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Credits in No Particular Order
Professor Oak
Camelot Pker[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]