Endless Content & OSRSPK Server

RuneWar is an eco & Pk + Spawning is enabled, 317 RSPS. With a few features such as custom interfaces, shops, donor area & minigames. Boasting flawless NPC combat & perfect combat switches and alot of Pk Content we aim to meet and exceed your expectations for a private server. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by registering on our forums and posting a topic. RuneWar - is finally Out of Beta!!!! We are currently running on a new source which is an OSBrutality Source! We have Some high ranked staffs in every possible Timezone! We got our Web page ready with forums,

Accepting OSRS Donations & RS3.

- 20+ Boss & Dr are added,

- Active Staking, Gambling and Lottery added,

- Full screen, Resized, and normal client resolution,

- Endless Graphic options.

- Forum, Discord & Ingame staffs are highly suggested

- Spawn Tabs & Combat skill changing posibilities.