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Pking Staking Ironman Custom Gambling

Active PvP (Advanced PvP Bots) Grand Exchange (automatically buys any item under 35M | sells any item under 1B) Ultimate ironman mode - gives best donator for free - can't use bank - massive xp boost Bosses: - Vorago (drops abyssal bludgeon + vanguard) - Lucien (drops christmas crackers) - Sirenic Jad (drops Sirenic scales to make Sirenic Armor | best in-game) Items: - Sagittarian pieces give 130 extra hp per piece. - Sagittarian gives 6% extra damage per piece. - Row (e) gives +50% drop rate bonus. - Row (e) has 1/5 chance of doubling drops. - Death Cape (e) has 1/100 chance of instakilling. - Hylian shield has divine effect + blocks recoil damage. - Rainbow partyhat gives +200 hitpoints. - Rainbow partyhat gives +50% drop rate bonus. 16 Quests (Quest Shop @ home) Customizable Apprentice (mini-me) (follower that helps kill bosses) Assassin skill (train by fighting bosses, level up a follower that helps kill bosses) Clan Banks Working Lending system
- Barney shows drop rates of item (tzhaar rapier best item in game)
- Can make an Ultimate mode account (can't bank but gives best donator that costs $3200)
- Can test out bosses Vorago, Lucien, and tzhaar champion (::hz)