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Galaxy #1 Unique Custom RSPS

Galaxy is a New Custom/Pvm/Economy/Skilling RSPS. (Runescape Private Server) We are the most unique and community driven server out there.



[B][COLOR="#9f48ec"]WHAT IS Artex?[/COLOR][/B]
Galaxy RSPS is one of the most unique and community driven RSPS of 2019. We are here to value all our players. Every single players suggestions , inputs and thoughts are put out into GALAXY-RSPS.net and its what makes us a better server. Here at GALAXY-RSPS.net we have an update log every single day, if not everyday it will most likely be every 2-3 days. We never stop our constant updates as you can see in the updates forums.

I welcome everyone joining to have a very enjoyable playtime and to fun a lot of fun. Make sure to invite all your friends and ::vote when you have a chance too. Every player gets 1 free GALAXY-RSPS.net box, this includes; GALAXY-RSPS.net starting weapons, mystery box, a free 3% droprate pet and 3k upgrade shillings.


[*] droprate system
[*]    custom minigames
[*]    item upgrading
[*]    constantly daily updates
[*]    custom teleport interface
[*]Starterzone / loot box
[*]    view drops on right click
[*]    achievement rewards
[*]    24 skills working- They can all max to level 120
[*]    prestiging skills and total prestige ranks
[*]    custom tiers zones (There are up to 6 tiers)
[*]    boss pets and drop rate pets
[*]    semi-custom items and gear
[*]    custom godwars plateform
[*]    unique armour and weapon that you have not seen in any rsps
[*]    world events; shooting star, wildywyrm, wogw, evil tree and more!
[*]    event zone
[*]    beautiful layout
[*]    custom maps, custom home
[*]    multiplier system
[*]    AFK reward system " Afk tickets



Special thanks to:
    Original developers of ruse base
    Everyone who worked on Necrotic and released it

If you join now you get a free mysterybox + GALAXY-RSPS.net starter weapons and a free 3% drop rate pet[/center]