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  • Unlike others, we fight vote bots
  • Blocking 100k+ vote bots/mo

Brutal Ps

#1 Custom Rsps

BrutalPs, brand new custom RSPS! so many bosses! Brutal RSPS Where you go if you want to have all the fun you want. We are growing as we speak and BrutalPs will continue to grow and improve to be the best known custom RSPS! Flawless Pvming & Working Gambling and much more! Staff team is very active and easy to contact. We listen to what the community wants, and Developers are working their hardest to make this RSPS grow, better and better every day. !

Website Link:

Discord Link:


100% customs
Custom FFA events hosted by staff!
Upgrading system
Gambling System
Zombie Minigame
2 World Bosses
voting system
Npc Killcount Req System
Unique combat system
Great donor benefits
custom bosses
Boss Point System
Balanced Gameplay
90% Of skills work!
Fully working slayer system
stable economy
prestige system
pest control
Marvel raids
and lots more