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New RSPS | Pre-EoC | OSRS Content | Active Community | 2 world boss & 30+ bosses | CUSTOM RAIDS!

**OFFICIAL RELEASE: July 22, 2019**


Have you played the old Simplicity-PS before? If you loved it, then we're bringing it back to you!
Smaug RSPS is a brand new Runescape Private Server, it is a pre-EOC type server so if you love RS2011 way back, you'll also love this. We also have few OSRS contents such as OSRS bosses and OSRS items, come check us out!

Notable Features:
* 2 world bosses (Wildywyrm & Warmonger)
* 30+ Bosses (OSRS/RS3: Zulrah, Kraken, Mutant Tarn, Vorkath & etc)
* PvM points system
* All 25 skills working
* Economy-based server
* OSRS Items
* Active Community
* Custom Interfaces
* Boss pets with drop rates
* Different server-wide events
* Inferno Minigame

Discord: https://discord.gg/tPKt9SY