• First RSPS toplist since 2007
  • Unlike others, we fight vote bots
  • Blocking 100k+ vote bots/mo


Customs, Fast start, great community, friendly staff, raids, and more!

Divination is a brand new customs server coming to you in 2019!

We will NOT be going offline like all the other customs servers you play! Devoted staff and fully dedicated hosting!

- Fully working Arcade
- Fully working Avengers Minigame
- Fully working battlegrounds
- Well of Good Will
- Skilling Incentives
- Loyalty Skill
- Custom Bosses
- Raids
- PvP auto stat adjustment on gear
- Donator Prayers
- Combat assisting pets
- ::mini (fights with or FOR you, can equip armor and weapons to it by using them on it. Gets drops like a normal player would!)

Join Divinity and see why our members can't stop playing!