• First RSPS toplist since 2007
  • Unlike others, we fight vote bots
  • Blocking 100k+ vote bots/mo


600+ Daily OSRS server

Recognizing the importance of accurately reproducing the combat system we're all familiar with, one of Runite's largest priorities is carefully and meticulously perfecting our own. With a variety of activities, including late-game rewards, we will strive to provide an accurate and active wilderness experience.Though maintaining a stable economy will always present challenges, Runite's constant emphasis on equity between world activities and rewards aims to maintain balance. We invite the daring few to challenge our renown end-game bosses and minigames and to reap the rewards that follow.Players will be able to login and set their combat stats, but skills are something we're looking to incorporate into late-game. All skills will be trainable upon the release of Runite with an incentive to train. This will not only appeal to skillers, but also give countless hours of entertainment to others looking to escape the wilderness. We also pride ourselves on being one of the very few servers to offer our players a complete OSRS experience when it comes to the construction skill, with highly accurate and detailed qualities to make us stand out.