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Dominus RSPS


- Before I get into the features, we are a brand new server with high hopes and big dreams. We value our players to the maximum, and we believe they are the only people in Dominus which have a say. We take every suggestion seriously, and work to implement everything necessary to keep our players satisfied and happy.
We have an awesome community and we believe if you join, you would not regret your stay!

- now the features, I will provide media later down :
*player owned shops (pos) - fully working
*drop table system in-game, you can use :ropchecker to see all drops of every single npc. Or go to khazard guard to check the drops.
*lottery system
*all skills - excluding construction working (in progress of fixing).
*full and unique + cool dung, with awesome rewards and low reward requirements. Also binding working.
*up to 25 bosses, all working, no bugs, + introducing kraken and zulrah . ( bosses existing include osrs bosses and pre-eoc, which gives you a taste of both of the epic game era's ).
*custom bosses, including Death and Blitz with unqiue rewards
*awesome community and players.
*many donator benefits.
*::pos command to access player owned shops anywhere!
*awesome and custom drops to certain bosses!
*although we have a couple customs, it is not to the extent of killing the game or ruining the economy... Only cosmetic customs like custom partyhats, santas, coloured whips, colored dragon boots, death cape, and all the other good stuff that almost feels like they ain't customs and a part of the game. We do not want people to have to pay to win. We want this to be a grind that you can play for free.
*custom ::zombies minigame
*::gamble zone, which is isolated and specially made for gamblers, no limits to gambling and all the possible gamemodes.
* hardcore ironman, and ironman game modes, aswell as normal. 3 of the most epic game modes known to rs
*skill points, prestige points, pkp (ofc), boss points, slayer points, donator points, zombie fragment point system and some other point systems with their own shops
* a ::market zone, specially made for trading, merching, and a zone with all the shops you need for your quality experience at Dominus making it so ::home isn't as crowded.
*some bosses include : thermonuclear smoke devil, cerberus, venenatis, scorpia, vet'ion, callisto, kraken, zulrah and more
*automated star event - giving you stardust which you can sell in-game for gp, and chances of getting onyx.
*automated boss event - * a multi wildywyrm boss spawns every 1-2 hours * , you can kill this boss either on your own or with other players, or even with your mates, to get loots. You can get as high as a legendary mystery box, santa hat, or a sled. Or end up with something like dragon boots, fury, abyssal whip or even a fighter torso, either way, you're almost guaranteed something half-decent.
*boss point and skill point systems with great rewards to influence skilling and pvm!
*well of goodwill
*ring of the gods, d kiteshield, blowpipe, dwh, battle-mage and trickster sets + more cool shit!
*great drop systems and drop rates for bosses, influencing pvm and bossing, again ^.
*active discord! Awesome community
*we also already have some pkers, and are looking to build our pk community in the coming weeks/months
*custom raids with a brutally hard final boss who will always drop a key to his reward chest at home in exchange for a fantastic reward (twisted bow is possible to win!)

And loads more!

Come along and join an incredible community and brand new server today!