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Shilo-Village (2006 based server) BETA

An 2006 Runescape era based server, still much work to do on the server, daily updates, and polls on content to come out in the future.

Welcome to Shilo-Village RSPS. Our goal is to provide enjoyment with a server based in the 2006, early 2007 era of Runescape.


I've been in the RSPS/Runescape scene for over 10 years, this will be one of my first servers I have done and released alone. There is quite a bit of work to be done. I don't claim to be the #1 rsps or have the most players, or the best greatest and latest content.

However, I know that I am dedicated and this will be 24/7 hosted, I will try to do my best to push daily updates that players want. I will grow small community of players that enjoy this simple RSPS. I will eventually have another developer or two depeneding on the need for it. The reason I started this server was because I want players to be able to relive the most well known moments in Runescape history. Any and all suggestions and tips are apprecaiated. I also see so many server that are just in it for the money, my server you will not be able to buy items or gold for real life $. The only way you can support the server is to donate, or to purchase membership status. 


Membership status allows you to have access to certain areas that non members won't have access to, and different shops as well to make life easier. As well with more updates to come.


I plan to work on this daily to meet the needs of the community and to overall enjoy the time that is spent on the server. I'm not looking to get rich, or host the server for a couple months and give up. I plan to continue hosting this for many years to come, even if the player base isn't huge. I'm doing this for personal enjoyment and for a challenge. 


If you want a server that presents a challenge, and you can't make 1 bill in a day, and not everyone is maxed or close, but those who wear a skillcape will be looked up to. This isn't meant to be an exact remake as xp rates are increased from Runescape. However, it is meant to be somewhat of a grind, and exploring the areas around the map to do quests and such.




We are very early in the stages of our BETA, and have much work to do. We would appreciate it if people could come on and help us test for bugs/glitches and suggest and vote on future content. 




The client is above, if issues with joining or if you have any questions, join our discord.




We are working on building a website with forums within the next week. 






More information:


This server is far from perfect, so please be patient with us. This is not a pay 2 win server, it's rather challenging and the xp rates aren't the same as Runescape, but it will still be a grind. The only thing that can be bought is membership.


Content currently in game,


King Black Dragon


Barrows minigame


Ice queen (will be in by end of day)

Chaos Elemental

Jad (for firecape)



Fire making





Combat skills







We are working on adding more content daily, and improve on the content we already have. Thank you for looking.