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PkHonor - Pathing fixed 23 April 2021 - ToB

Perfect pathing, perfect Inferno and Theatre of Blood experience - complete Karuulm Slayer Dungeon with Alchemical Hydra - Vorkath - Skotizo - all boss pets

Join PkHonor today and enjoy our regular updates and events!


What to look forward to?

Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide the community with the updates THEY want to see, suggested by players for players.
We have a fantastic staff team that strive for the ultimate customer service experience. Meaning they are always there to assist you in any way possible.

Why we're the best?
PkHonor has always been a community-driven private server. We pride ourselves on our strong, kind hearted community with experienced players who are always available to help.
Contrary to popular belief, PkHonor is far more than 'just' a PK server, we have a strong PvM community, lots of active clans and extensive clan support to suit everybodies needs!
Perhaps you fancy yourself a skiller? Why not interact with our fabulous skilling community? With a custom ::skilling zone for everyone to take advantage of.

What do we offer that most private servers don't?
We offer a warm, welcome place just waiting for you to call home. Whether you're a casual PK'er or a skiller that likes a challenge, PkHonor has consistently updated content to suit everybodies needs!


•Never Before seen TITAN events!
•100% Working Construction!
•Awesome Bounty Hunter system (With working point/rank system)
•Flawless Grand Exchange system
•23 Fully Coded skills
•Max/completionist capes (With Custom Completionist capes available to those who dare to try)
•Custom Whips with various abilities
•Brand new PK'ing leaderboards!
•Godwars dungeon with Working Nex!
•All new Rare Boss pets!
•New Kraken Boss
•Improved Combat System!
•New slayer task system! (With updated points and rewards!)
•Fully Working Castle wars system (With Rewards!)

Have your say today and challenge yourself in your new home!