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GENESIS | 300+ ONLINE | ::REF-Release

Custom RSPS | 3 Global Bosses | 2 Raids | 30+ Bosses | 6 Custom Minigames | Advanced Slayer | Mystery Boxes | Daily Tasks | Reward List | Item List | Collection Log | Advanced Drop List | Survivalist Game Mode | 200+ Custom Items

Welcome to Genesis

Genesis is a 317 custom server that has been in development for 2 years.




Main Features:

100% Uptime
No Crashes/Lag
30 Bosses
Superior Slayer
Collection Log
Daily Tasks
2 Custom Raids
6 Minigames
3 Global Bosses
Survivalist Game Mode
200+ ONLINE 24/7
100+ Unique Achievements
Easy Train Zone
Pawn Shop




The Realm

Genesis is part of The Realm - A multi-server network that aims at providing you a stable and long-lasting community.
The Realm offers a currency exchange system that allows you to swap gold between multiple different servers.
This means that your time and effort spent on CustomX will never be lost, even if you get bored of the game!