Use the charts below to track this server's progress.

Update: As of the 1st of September (2023), we will remove votes created on mobile devices if the RSPS does not support mobile gameplay. So you may see in the graph an increase in the number of votes removed and a decrease in the actual number of votes. This is still under beta.

Current month (July, daily)

The below chart shows the server's votes in July, per day. Today is excluded. The grey line represents removed votes. Removed votes include all forms of illegal voting, such as double voting, robots and mobile voting (if a game does not support mobile gameplay). Be aware that removed votes do not necessarily mean that a RSPS is cheating. Illegal votes are often created by players, beyond the awareness of the RSPS' management.

Previous 7 weeks (weekly)

The below chart shows the server's votes in the last 6 weeks, grouped by week number. It includes the current week's process as well, to help you track how close the server is to qualifying for the Server of the Week. Side note: because we use different systems and scheduled processing, there can sometimes be a small difference between the numbers in this chart and the chart above.

Previous 12 months (monthly)

The below chart shows the server's votes in the past 12 months, per month. The current month July is excluded.

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