Excision 317

About Excision 317

Fresh eco server New owner :D Small Server Looking to get big (no Customs) Osrs Style Server #1


Hey Guys Im mastythegee im advertising my server today to try get some recognition i had abit of an upside down experience with twitch and now have quit and move onto rsps im looking to get some loyal players and maybe some freinds along in this project we have nightmare hydra infernal custom chests pvp armour trading post and alot more come check us out :P today and start your adventure Were Are currently early Alpha im Still Learning along the process and coding slowly thew server is not perfect but it deserves to be played join here today :) limited offer 100 caskets for every new player first 5 players get an ags 5/5  im solo owner/ coder of the server it takes time :D online 24/7

Recomended Settings of The Servrer

Play in fixed mode go to the spanner next to the log out button go advanced settings click streched mode and anti-alaising on and boom makes hte game feel more osrs <3 cheers peace

if Your Looking For The Grind Its here ! :D 5 Game modes

download here more media will be updated in the future and videos coming soon  download bellow


video here for the server down below



Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 1
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 2
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 3
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 4
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 5
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 6
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 7
Excision 317 RSPS screenshot 8
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