About GodsScape

God Based RSPS: Zamorak? Saradomin? or Guthix?


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Goal is to bring unique spin to the grind: fun + fast, straight to combat, and a little over powered.

GOD BASED MODE: Start with your following of a God:

  • Zamorak – Range starter
  • Saradomin – Mage starter
  • Guthix – Melee starter


  • Emphasis on Slayer Content + Bosses
  • Summoning Familiar with Unique Abilities
  • Take on the Ultimate God Wars Dungeon
  • Increased Attack Speeds on all Weapons
  • Begin with Unlimited Special Attacks
  • Begin with Unlimited Sprint
  • Begin with Unlimited Prayer
  • Personalized GE for all Shop + Skilling Needs

Play GodsScape Here


GodsScape RSPS screenshot 1
GodsScape RSPS screenshot 2
GodsScape RSPS screenshot 3
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