About Teragard

Balanced progression | Enjoyable gameplay | Bosses with mechanics | Rewarding minigames | Daily Events | Dbz zones | Achievement system | Capes of accomplishment | Gambling | Friendly community


Teragard is a brand new free-to-play custom rsps where the grind never ends.


  • Our progression system has been balanced and fully tested to ensure an enjoyable experience in all stages of the game.
  • Many of our custom bosses have unique and challenging mechanics.
  • All of our minigames are rewarding and actually worth doing at some point of your adventure.
  • We have custom achievements with different capes of accomplishment to be earned.
  • A very cool pvm ranking system with different overhead icons for you to flex your pvm skills.
  • Custom dragonball zone with 14 different stages for you to progress through.
  • Custom luck skill, the more drops you get the easier it becomes to get drops.
  • Active and friendly discord community
  • Daily events
  • Weekly osgp giveaways for teragardians only
  • And obviously we have gambling as well for the degenerates out there :P


Teragard RSPS screenshot 1
Teragard RSPS screenshot 2
Teragard RSPS screenshot 3
Teragard RSPS screenshot 4
Teragard RSPS screenshot 5
Teragard RSPS screenshot 6
Teragard RSPS screenshot 7
Teragard RSPS screenshot 8


  • Type: Custom
  • Tags: Gambling and PvM
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  • Added: 416 day(s) ago
  • Server ID: 47068
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