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About Voidscape SemiCustom

Voidscape Semi Custom RSPS Server !


Voidscape is a fast growing RSPS with a healthy mix of classic and custom gear, bosses, raids, and much more.


Website : https://voidscapersps.com/


Discord : https://discord.com/invite/taVJ5NABhj

[] – Upgrade system for armor, weapons, jewlery, and skilling equipment.

[] – Custom menu for teleports

[]- Bosses including: The Nightmare, Nex, Abyssal Sire, Vorkath, Grotesque Guardians, etc.

[] – Prestige system, as well as functioning max and completionist cape

[] – Afk system to train while you’re away 

[] – Useful vote rewards 

[] – Proven track record of consistant updates 

[] – All pets 

[️] – Achievements and collection logs with rewards upon completion 

[] – Runelite UI with working plugins and Highscores 

[] – GIM and multiple xp rate options 


Unique quality of life improvements, competetive drop rates, and custom world events. All of this and we’re just getting started, join Voidscape today. 


  • Type: Custom
  • Tags: Gambling, Ironman Modes, PvM, PvP, and RuneLite
  • Votes: 86 (current month)
  • Added: 53 day(s) ago
  • Server ID: 47564
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