Landing page of SoulSplit RSPS

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page on your website where your new visitors “land” when being linked from other websites, such as RuneLocus. It’s not a regular page like your homepage, but it is a completely separate page that is designed, optimized and only existing to convience your visitor to become a new player of your RSPS. It does not contain any unnecessary elements that might distract the visitor.

Why is it so important?

On average not even 25% of your visitors will end up playing your server if you link your advertisements to your homepage, register page, forum or webclient. Don’t think that whoever visits, will become a player. Linking advertisements directly to a webclient might not even get you any players.

That is why landing pages are so important for your RSPS. They will help you to communicate only the most relevant and interesting facts and information to your visitors so that they’ll be convinced to press the PLAY-button.


Colors matter

When designing your landing page, you should definitely keep in mind that colors matter a lot. They actually have a major impact on the visitor’s behavior.

Just as an example: the brain links the color red to ‘danger’.

What this means? Simple, don’t overuse the color red and avoid using it for your PLAY-button. In fact, choose a color like orange or green, those usually generate most clicks, even when the colors aren’t part of your style. Especially orange does really good, that is the reason why so many websites (including RuneLocus) uses the color orange for important buttons.


What needs to be on your landing page?
  • A catchy headline
  • A sub-headline (optional but advised)
  • A brief description of your RSPS (try to use bullet points for fast readers)
  • (Optional) supporting proof/trust elements such as testimonials from your players, security badges (TrustPilot, PayPal Verified, RuneLocus Partner, etc.)
  • Catchy extra-motivating text (optional, something like your player count or amount of registered users)
  • Most importantly, a clear register form or just a PLAY-button (make sure it is a ‘call-to-action’)
  • (Optional) Only use navigation when necessary, avoid links to forums as they’re a total distraction.
  • At least one supporting image or short video
  • Always make sure that your design fits in all screen sizes!