Major RuneLocus update – IPS Community Suite

Today we’re here to announce a new, major update to the RSPS forum of RuneLocus.

For many years we have been using the well-known vBulletin forum software, but as technology moves on, it was about time our RSPS forum does the same. Therefore we have, after many suggestions made by you, successfully converted our forum to the brand new IPS Community Suite 4 software.

This upgrade brings a great number of changes to the RuneLocus forum, including a complete redesign to be faster, more efficient and of course responsive to make sure it is a pleasure to view and interact on any device.

As we continue to work on the website, we hope you’re all enjoying thew newly updated RSPS forum. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to post a message on the forum! :-)


Performance upgrades

Today we’re here to announce that we’ve made performance updates to our website. Result of the updates is the fact that the website is a lot more stable and loads faster than it used to do.

The update process isn’t fully complete yet as we’re tweaking it even more. But for now: start enjoying the faster load! :-)


Google Chrome to drop Java

Google Chrome to drop Java, the preferred browsers of 49% of Internet users will deprecate in 2015 support for some plugins causing hangs and crashes, including Microsoft Silverlight and Java. These technologies are widely used today in digital pathology slide viewing software applications. For digital pathology community it means that software vendors will have to re-tool in order to stay compliant with Chrome and customers will have to pay closer attention to slide viewing technology while selecting digital pathology solutions.

Chrome starting from Chrome version 42. Google expects to release this version to everyone next month and most people will get it as an automatic update.
This is a result of Google removing support for lots of plugins, including Java (which RuneScape uses). Websites that use Silverlight, Unity Web Player etc will also be affected.